Superficial lumps and bumps such as sebaceous cysts, lipomas and skin tags are common skin conditions and are usually not a cause for concern, but your first step is always to seek medical attention.

Other types of lumps and bumps include skin papilloma, warts, neurofibromas, dermoid cysts and pigmented moles.

Pilonidal sinus is a type of infected cyst that usually requires surgical treatment.

These skin conditions can be asymptomatic in that you can just see or feel the skin lesion, but if they have become infected then there may be some discomfort and discharge. These lumps and bumps can then be removed, either under general or local anaesthetic, and patients typically make a quick recovery and there is minimal scarring.

A new lump or bump is usually not a sign of something serious, but you should always seek medical advice. There are then are a range of treatment options to remove skin lesions for cosmetic reasons.