Our Team

Jo Collins at Warwickshire Hernia Centre

Jo Collins

Jo and Mike have been working as a team for over 12 years. Jo has 20 years’ experience as a medical PA and during that time she has forged strong links and contacts throughout the local medical, administrative and medical insurance communities. This together with her expansive knowledge of the subject helps patients through the sometimes complex medical pathways smoothly and efficiently.

Her goal is to look after patients and take care of their needs in times of worry and concern. She is always on hand to offer advice and care to patients and is highly regarded amongst her peers.

Yvonne McKenzie

Yvonne works with Mr Stellakis in Oxford and now at the Warwickshire Nuffield. She has been practicing since 2007. Her diet and nutritional expertise is in IBS, diarrhoea and constipation, and other disorders and diseases involving the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder and liver. She is extensively published and is currently undertaking a doctorate (PhD) in nutrition at the University of Manchester. As a diet expert, she contributed to: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Quality Standards (Feb. 2016) and updated guidance for the diagnosis and management of IBS (CG61, Feb. 2015).

Andrew Holbrook at Warwickshire Hernia Centre

Andrew Holbrook

Andrew started Tudor Physiotherapy in 2006 to provide physiotherapy services to recreational and elite athletes. Tudor specialise in sports injuries, biomechanical assessment, injury prevention, gait analysis as well as all the more mainstream services. Tudor play a pivotal role in treating sports groin injury patients both in terms of perioperative physio and rehabilitation back to sport.

Andrew, a keen athlete himself .has worked for some of the most well known athletic bodies, football and rugby clubs. He is a sub 3 hour marathon runner. Tudor Physiotherapy have branches in Stratford, Kenilworth and Shipston.