risk of colorectal cancer

According to experts, sugar sweetened drinks could be doubling the risk of colorectal cancer. While there are a lot of things that can cause cancerous cells to develop, the lifestyle choices we make can be a contributing factor.

New research published within the GUT journal, has revealed the dangers sugary drinks present to our health. Here, we will look at what the study found and how sugar sweetened drinks link to colorectal cancer.

Drinking two or more sugary drinks a day doubles your colorectal cancer risk

The new research found that adults who drink two or more sugary drinks each day, have double the risk of developing colorectal cancer by the age of 50, than those who don’t. Figures published in the British Medical Journal reveal that sugary drinks such as energy drinks and soft drinks, account for 39% added sugar within an average US diet.

A total of 95,464 participants were included in the study over a period of 24 years. Bowel cancer history, lifestyle, and food and drink habits were all assessed. A total of 109 women developed bowel cancer before the age of 50 during the study.

It was also determined that each sugary drink consumed in a day increased the risk of colorectal cancer by 16%. Interestingly, it also discovered that if sugary drinks were substituted with artificially sweetened drinks, coffee, or whole or semi-skimmed milk, the risk reduced by up to 36%.

This observational study may not establish a cause, but it does identify sugary drinks as a risk factor for colorectal cancer.

What is colorectal cancer?

Colorectal cancer develops in either the rectum or the colon. The majority of these cancers start out as a growth that occurs on the inner lining, known as a polyp. Not all polyps are cancerous, though they do have the potential to turn into cancer at a later stage.

Once the cancer has formed a polyp, it is able to spread into the rectum or colon wall. From here, it can spread into the lymph vessels or blood vessels. In order to effectively treat colorectal cancer, it needs to be diagnosed as early as possible.

Colorectal cancer treatment options

There are several treatment options available for colorectal cancer. However, surgery tends to be the most effective choice. Surgical treatment may be combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy for best results.

Your surgeon will attempt to remove as much of the cancer as possible from the affected area. In advanced cases, it may not be possible to remove it all. Therefore, patients are urged to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Overall, colorectal cancer is one of the biggest cancer killers in the UK. The recent study reveals a worrying link between sugary drinks and cancer risk, with patients urged to limit their consumption.