Holiday with IBS

When you suffer with IBS, going on holiday isn’t always as relaxing as it should be. It is likely that you worry about what you are eating, and stress can also trigger a flare up.

While travelling with IBS isn’t easy, with a little preparation ahead of time, you can not only survive your summer holiday, but actually enjoy it too. So, what do you need to think about and prepare for when travelling with IBS? Discover some excellent tips you can follow below to help you to enjoy your time away without worry or discomfort.

Know your triggers

If you want to manage your IBS on holiday, it’s important to identify your triggers. Which foods typically set off the condition and are there any other triggers you need to be aware of?

A great way to determine what triggers your IBS is to start a trigger diary. Whenever you experience a flare up, write down what you were doing and whether you ate or drank anything right before. This will help you to establish which foods and activities you need to avoid on your getaway.

Do your research before you go

It pays to research before you head off on holiday. What foods are available in your holiday destination and are there any safe dishes you can choose? Don’t just research your hotel or resort, look at restaurants in the local area too. If you have a good idea of what is available before you go, it will help you to avoid anything that triggers the condition.

Another thing to look up is where the bathrooms are located. If you do experience a flare up, the last thing you need is to spend time searching for a toilet.

Learn the local language if you need to

If you are heading to a country that speaks a different language, make sure you brush up on certain phrases related to your IBS. For example, you will need to be able to ask about the ingredients in dishes, and whether there is anything on the menu without specific things included. Additionally, the phrase for, ‘Where is the bathroom?’ may be worth knowing. This is safer than relying on Google Translate – especially if you get signal problems!

Eat light and bring your own snacks

An important tip that’s going to help you enjoy your holiday is to eat light and bring your own snacks. Larger meals are known to trigger IBS symptoms more than anything else. So, aim to eat lighter meals more frequently if needed.

If you will be travelling for long periods of time, bringing your own snacks is a good idea. This gives you reassurance that you are eating something IBS friendly that won’t flare up the condition.

Overall, travelling with IBS can be a pain, but it doesn’t need to be. If you follow the tips above you should be able to enjoy your holiday without experiencing constant pain and stomach upsets.

Mr Stellakis has over the last 15 years established a respected interest in IBS and sees many patients with the condition. He can help with management plans as well as treatments that can improve your symptoms. If you are concerned about travelling with IBS, book an appointment with Mr Stellakis today.