IBD Flare-up at Christmas

Living with IBD can be challenging at the best of times. However, the festive season can be especially difficult to deal with. As much as you want to enjoy yourself, it can be tough trying to avoid your triggers and dealing with the symptoms IBD produces.

If you want to enjoy the magic of the festive season without suffering an IBD flare-up, here you’ll discover some great tips you can follow.

Make sure you know your IBD triggers

If you want to enjoy the festive season, you’ll want to avoid your IBD triggers. That is, the things that cause the condition to flare-up. Common triggers to watch out for include:

  • Stress
  • Greasy, fatty foods
  • Smoking
  • Infections
  • Forgetting medications

Aim to reduce your stress levels and try to avoid over-indulging in food and drink. It can be tempting to indulge in forbidden foods over Christmas but doing so will only lead to a nasty flare-up. Schedule time to relax and try and be as healthy as possible during the holidays.

Make sure you have enough medication

If you take IBD medication, make sure you have enough to last you throughout the holidays. If you run out, you could be in for a miserable time. Order any repeat prescriptions early and consider seeking treatment for any symptoms you are struggling with.

Make time for plenty of rest

Does your current calendar include plenty of rest days? Over the holidays you spend a lot of time catching up with friends and family. However, the constant meet-ups can leave you feeling exhausted. This can trigger the symptoms of IBD, making it important to get plenty of rest.

Schedule time to just relax and do very little. This will give the body plenty of time to rest and recover. Remember, you aren’t superhuman and you need rest. If you don’t allow yourself to get any, you will get burnt out, resulting in an IBD flare-up.

Trying to manage IBD symptoms over the festive period isn’t always easy. However, the advice above can help to reduce flare-ups, allowing you to enjoy yourself this Christmas and New Year. If you are struggling to get your IBD under control, call us on 01926 492969 to book a consultation today.